Why do Christians and Satanists both worship Donald Trump?

Just this past week an inverted American flag was photographed on the premises of Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito’s house in Alexandria VA. A few days later, Sammy’s beach house in New Jersey became the subject of even more heated debate when someone on Google earth spotted yet another flag, this one a Christian Nationalist fascist flag, the same as that carried by some of the Jan 6th insurrectionists (read domestic terrorists) who stormed the Capital. The flag is a pagan symbol that the Bible itself forbids in both image and form. Yes, the ubiquitous Christmas Tree is forbidden as a symbol of Satanic immortality in imitation of the true God, NOT the Christian god who is known as Saturn, the Demiurge. As you can clearly see, the Appeal to Heaven flag is that of a Christmas tree and itself a Satanic symbol as forbidden, as I said, in the Bible itself. Here’s how it is stated: “You shall utterly destroy all the places where the nations which you shall dispossess served their gods, on the high mountains and on the hills and under every green tree…. You shall not worship the Lord your God with such things” (Deuteronomy 12:2–4). The jews were instructed to get rid of pagan places of worship upon mountains, upon hills, and “under every green tree.” Instead, Christians give presents to each other under the same green tree at Xmas in imitation of the festival of Saturnalia borrowed from ancient Rome. X is also a symbol of Saturn and why Elon Musk chose it for the former Twitter company he bought out to serve the global Satanist elites. Interestingly, the Bible uses this term in ten places—and each instance is in reference to pagan rites, rituals, and perverted acts of Satanic and pagan worship that the Israelites were practicing (cf. 1 Kings 14:232 Kings 16:417:102 Chronicles 28:4Isaiah 57:5Jeremiah 2:203:613Ezekiel 6:13). This Satanic flag also stands outside the door of the MAGA Mike Johnson, the hypocritical Christian-Satanist Speaker of the House’s office in the Capital.

The Satanic-Christian Flag of Attis~

Why the prohibition from using a pine tree? Because it worships Attis, as mentioned in the Golden Bough, to wit: Attis [is said to have mutilated] himself under a pine-tree, and bled to death on the spot.… After his death Attis is said to have been changed into a pine-tree…. [In pagan worship practices] a pine-tree was cut in the woods and brought into the sanctuary of Cybele, where it was treated as a great divinity.… Stirred by the wild barbaric music… they gashed their bodies with potsherds or slashed them with knives in order to bespatter the altar and the sacred tree with their flowing blood (Sir James George Frazer, “The Myth and Ritual of Attis,” The Golden Bough, 1922). Well, at least the splattering of blood part in the insurrection of Jan 6 holds true for these pagan Satanists one and all. And which God do these fools worship? None other than Saturn aka Satan writ large, who convinced Jesus in the last temptation to become a martyr so Satan could turn him into a man-god equal to the true God in Heaven, not the heaven Christian’s worship, but the eternal heavens. Saturnus, i.e. Enlil, Anu, Yahweh, Jehovah and names galore etc. is a false god, known most frequently as the Demiurge created by Sophia, or Hera (mother of Saturn in Greece). And it gets worse because Hera is the greatest and eldest Goddess of black magick. She resented having a male to mate with, so she delivered an abomination asexually (like a servitor) whose name was Samael, and whose Roman worship depicts him with two serpents as legs, or Abraxas. He is also Baphomet. Rather than kill the infant-thing, she deserted him in embarrassment. Unfortunately, his powers were both more perverse than Hera’s and with them he created the Matrix using the satellite planets (Saturn was originally a sun) of Orion and the Moon to create Maya, or the Matrix of unreality we now live in on Earth. Your life itself is a lie, an illusion created to spite the true God. And it gets worse…

Hera later wed Jove, aka Jupiter, and gave birth to one she named Ares, who became the God of War. He was hated by all the gods because of his utter brutality and was instrumental in prolonging the Trojan War, taking sides with Hector, until he was badly wounded by the wiles of the War Goddess, Athena. Originally known as Mars because of the Olympic planet he was given dominion over, he was also named Samael, like his brother, whom he hated. And the feeling was mutual. Saturn, or Saturnus, or Samael means either blind-god (Saturn) or venom of God (Ares). The confusion is understandable because of the closeness of names and even symbols, because Ares’ mother is the mother also of Saturnus. The two are brothers bearing the same name. Ares now presides over the CiaKhar Empire with Lucifera and Lilith and hundreds more as his consorts. He works also as the executioner of the true God and Father Eternal and is violently opposed to Saturnus, or Kronos, etc. You’ll note that Vampire Ashram uses the same symbols of an inverted pentagram and the serpent coiled around the sigil of Saturn, the V and A forming one similar to that used by the Satanic Freemasons and others. Except for the fact, the circle is incomplete, meaning Ares means to cut the cycle of reincarnation set up by Jesus as the “you must be born again” dictate. You will also note the six-pronged trident severing the symbol (that of the Varja thunderbolt weapon). This is the symbol of the death of Saturn by Ares, the Angel of Death, who is also known by another name: the DevEL That is the original old English spelling that was purposefully changed in the so-called Holy Bible, to the term Devil, and conflated with Lucifer, Satan and the Devil, three entirely different entities. Satan doesn’t want you to know that. EL, as in EvangELical, the EL-ite, or the attempt by Trump to steal the EL-ection are all born from Saturn, Hera’s sons and daughters known as the EL-ohim. All ELs come from Hera, as hers is the energy behind Saturn, such as ang-ELs, and even Jesus who is not equal to the true God, is named Emmanu-EL. meaning God (Saturn) with us.

The Godspell IS the Matrix Simulation You Live In

Another Biblical slight of hand is the term the gospel, as in the so-called “gospel truth, so help me God.” The God being referenced is Satan aka Saturnus aka the Demiurge, etc. The correct term is god-spell, as in witchcraft, a prohibited practice for humans. And who casts this God’s Spell? None other than the Matrix creating psychopathic Demiurge God of the corrupted Bible. Christians worship Satan under a different name but it’s the same psychopathic son murdering pseudo-god. Think of the term SpEL-l as in spell, and you know the signature designer, Satan aka Saturn. And how about being hexed? Same God, as the Star of David has nothing whatsoever to do with David, other than the fact that the Jews worship Satan as Saturn also. Note the black cubes the Orthodox Jews wear with biblical verses inside like fortune cookies on their forehead. Saturn’s cube is also known as the Kabba-lah, like the black cube of Allah, also another name for Saturn aka Satan. You don’t even have to be a believer like the Muslims who circle the Kabba in Mecca to imitate the rings of Saturn. Oh no, you simply find a job in a high rise, so that everyday you get in an EL-evator and slave away for eight plus hours a day in a “cubicle.” Your life is a lie fabricated by the matrix created by the Made in Saturn psychopathic imitation god known as Saturn. Satan. Here’s the kicker: Satanists rant against the Demiurge and believe Satan will save them from the Demiurge. Or Lucifer will. Lucifer won’t because Ares murdered Lucifer who was working with Satan aka Saturn to overthrow Lucifera, Empress of the CiaKhar reptilian Empire. You knew all this of course. And why isn’t Lucifera known or recognized as the Aya-Khar Empress, as detailed in the book, The Last Harvest by Lucien Mars? It’s because you live a lie under the cloak of symbols that laugh at your own stupidity as a human halfway evolved and supercharged with necromantic-genetics engineered by Lucifer under orders of the Biblical God and Warlord, Yahweh, aka Enlil. It’s all a lie, like the big lie of the stolen election of 2020.

Jesus Was Sacrificed to Satan on Golgotha

Jesus was sacrificed to Kronos, aka Satan aka Saturn aka the Demiurge. Want proof? Simple: Again we go to the Bible itself, where it is stated that Jesus was sacrificed on Golgotha, meaning the place of the skull. Who’s skull? None other, according to Jewish lore, than that of Goliath, the Nephilim son of Saturn, or Satan. And which astrological sign rules over the skeleton and in particular, the skull? Saturn. That’s the reason Saturn is worshipped by the neo-Nazis like the Bush family who become members of the Yale Skull & Bones cult socieity, a symbolic club of Saturn. That’s where the “sun” of God, Saturn, was sacrificed. It was not a sacrifice to the true God who prohibits human sacrifce. and still does. ALL human sacrifice is SATANIC. It was a sacrifice to Satan who convinced Jesus his role in the Matrix was to be that of a martyr for God (without mentioning which one). Jesus wouldn’t accept money or power (unlike Alito, Trump and others), so Satan devised an entire mythical role as the “Lamb of God” who would save the world (read-help Satan destroy the world and blaspheme the true God). And then there’s the cross itself. Make a cross on paper then cut it out and fold it into the oragami thing it represents: a cube. Yes, a Saturnian cube, the mystery of the Rosy Cross. All the EL-ite worship Saturn aka Satan, and they force their Christian lambs to follow obediently or not. It’s all part of the Matrix called the God-Spell. MAGA republicans are all under the same God-Spell. Christian Nationalism and Nazism are just different names to glorify violence and death and destruction and human suffering under a One World Government run by Satan who now rules them separately. Thus, you can safely convert from Satanism to Christianity to Islam to Judaism and back again, and you’ll be worshipping the same Demiurge, Satan aka Saturn. It’s the matrix remember? White is black, and black is the new white and all roads in religion lead to Hell.

Christian Satanists Distorting The Truth

Many a Christian conspiracy theorist will point to the fact that the Jews worship on Saturday (Saturn’s Day) and point out the Muslim Black Cube of Saturn as the Kabba stone in Mecca while at the same time claiming they have no such affiliation with Saturn aka Satan and that the other religions are inspired by Satan as opposed to Christianity and the “true God”. Oh, really? And exactly what shape will the New Jerusalem take when it lands on Earth (as a mothership from Saturn) sent down by Jesus? In chapter 21 of the book of Revelation, the apostle John is shown the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, and he sees that it is shaped like a perfect cube, encircled by a wall. In other words as a city of Saturn and an even larger version of the Kabba stone encircled by Saturn’s ring of material Matrix enslavement. Another God-Spell of Satanic illusion for humans to look forward to. And the rapture? Call it by its scientific name, that of alien abduction. The chosen. Indeed. Chosen by the God-Spell of Satan, aka Saturn, god of Maya and Mayhem, which is the extended etimology of the word Maya, or illusion, which results in mayhem and more specifically Armageddon. And it all begins with the EL-ection of 2024. One can safely expect violence to errupt and the decision of the EL-ection to be handed over to the rats in black robes (Saturnic black robes) like Samuel Alito and company who will illegially give it to Trump. And Christians will be the ones to destroy America in behalf of Satan. Nice work if you can get it. Not so much the hell Christians and others who bow down to Satan will receive when Satan is destroyed. Then the True God and Almighty Father shall say to them all “Flee into the fire prepared for the fallen, for I never knew you.” And that will be the end of the black cubical Bible of Saturn the Christians worship. Then you’d end up in Hell as in h-EL-l. And you’d go around in the same sadistic circle, reincarnated to be ruined again and again. Or you could try and take refuge in the beloved by Christian state of Israel, meaning; “Isis-Ra-EL” or, Isis and Ra, rulers under EL, or Saturn aka Satan. As I said before, all roads in religion lead to Hell. or H-EL-L. Welcome to the God-Spell Matrix.