Satan Lies, But His Numbers Don’t: Exhibit B, Square of Saturn Decoded Again

Trump has called for a Unified Reich in 2025 in one of his “conservative rally” promotions, then quickly deleted it, blaming it on WHOMEVER BUT HIM, his favorite scapegoat. Speaking of goats, which is one of the symbols of both Saturn and Satan (Aquarius and Capricorn are closely tied astrologically to Saturn) What does the year 2025 and Nazism have in common? Answer: They’re both on display in the decoded Kamea or Square of Saturn, which uses the numbers from 1 to 9 in a layout that leads invariably to the year 2025 as the best year to launch a Unified Reich of the Uber Rich. X marks the spot, and if you add the numbers together where the yellow line exists in the “X” (4 +5 +6 +8 +2) you get the number 25. If you consider five numbers multiplied by five you also arrive at the number 25, symbolic of the pentagram. If you visualize it as a pyramid, that is the same Saturnian pyramid as the one featured on the reverse of the US Dollar Bill. Now, add together the inner cube of Saturn demarked in green and you get the core number of 20. This points once again -as the previous post on Vampire Ashram did- to the year 2025 for what do you suppose? Hint: This is where the Nazi symbol first came from. Now you know the true origin, from Saturn, aka Satan. The Square of Saturn also equals 666 since each row equals 15, and in numerology, by adding the integers together as in 5 +1 you arrive at 6, or three 6s on each side.

Does Trump’s Obsession with Nazi Germany Reflect Satanic Influence?

If Freudian slips were applied to Trump he’d be dressed like an obese Queen of England wearing an orange Elizabethan wig. He’s gone on record as accusing President Biden of “running a Gestapo regime.” He’s defended Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville VA as “nice people,” and most recently promised to create a “Unified Reich” if elected, and to be a “Dictator from Day 1.” Believe him, because he’s obviously obsessed by Satanic influences that are converging on the Satanic year 2025 as the arrival date for a New World Order built from the intense chaos planned by the Illuminati in 2025, and by ramping up the genocide in Gaza. Trump has also said that this will be the last election if Biden gets elected, and he’s serious. The means of making it the last American election remain unspoken, but if you read between the lines, it is spelled out in the Saturnian and Satanic cube of Saturn shown above. He’s called for a blood bath all across the nation if he doesn’t get reelected. Perhaps the real meaning of the MAGA movement is to Make America Germany Again! And more specifically, Nazi Germany. All his Deep State Illuminati backers, and most especially the Christian Nationalist Fascist party, want a theocratic dictatorship which will result in turning Trump against the very fool-tools who want to place him in power, just like he’s shown himself capable of doing in his “hang Mike Pence” inspired rhetoric. And exactly as Hitler did in Nazi Germany before him. Many Christians in Nazi Germany called themselves “storm troopers for Jesus Christ.” In a 1928 speech, Hitler himself said: “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity … in fact our movement is Christian.” Seems we’re back to the past in the here and now. If all of this sounds like those in the MAGA movement, now you know where their fascist ideas and violent behavior, death threats and hate speech comes from: they’re also storm-troopers for Jesus Christ and Zionism, the bastard brainchild of the Illuminati and reptilian elitest Rothschild that pretends to be “Jewish” but is in fact just another politically fascist state bent upon expansion and conflict to suit the whims of the Deep One World Disorder State. Behind the mask, they’re actually also Zionist storm-troopers for Rothschild and by extension, Saturn aka Satan.

Christian Zionists Being Led to the Slaughter

Even if you think numerology of this sort is fanciful, the Illuminati and their Satanic minions do not. They are influenced to act upon the energy of the Square of Saturn and they are the one-half of the one percenters who own the central banks, mainstream and much of the alternate media, Big Pharma, the “Education System” and politicians all across the globe. They are backed by a gang of reptilian Dracos who rebelled against the Orion Empire during the age of the Phaorahs, which has since expanded to include multiple galaxies while they’re stuck here confined to planet Earth, Mars, and the Moon. They know they’ll be blown to pieces if they attempt to flee. The central actors are the Zionist backed Rothschild state of Israel, meaning Isis & Ra, rulers under EL, (or Saturn aka Satan) along with Christian Zionists. Stephen Sizer, a Christian author, has written a book of warning titled Christian Zionism: Road Map to Armageddon, in which he outlines the incompatibility of the Christian religion with Zionism. My belief, based upon the bible itself, as outlined in the last post on the Satanic Year of 2025 decoded, is that Christianity is fully compatible with Satanism and Zionism because the bible in both testaments presents a Satanic God willing to kill anything and everyone including his own son, thereby breaking his own First Commandment: Thou Shall Not Kill. This is what Satan aka Saturn does, and is known for doing as the god, Kronos. Human sacrifice is pagan and Christianity is the foremost paganistic, cannibalistic, pantheistic and Satanistic religion. “Pass me a finger of Jesus to put on my wafer if you please. Oh, and add an extra dab of his blood on the side as dipping sauce if you will.” And what parts of his body are you actually eating? All of them, even his unmentionables? Or just the heart? Can you request a specific part like a pinky finger? Who knows? You wouldn’t want his hair stuck in your teeth, would you? And can you legitimately ask for seconds because next Sunday you’ll be in Vegas banging pole dancers at their annual convention? Troubling theological quandries, these, but deep to be sure. God is served in mysterious ways indeed! As a Happy Meal! Does it come with a thorn from his crown to pick your teeth? So let’s add it up: humans eat their god-man and reptilians eat humans, both sacrificed to the same “god” ie. Satan. Seems fair enough. . .

Jesus talks in parables about being the rock of salvation. The problem is, he stole the speech from the Roman and Saturnian god, Mitras, who it is claimed was born from a rock. Mitras was known as the Rock of Ages, and a spiritual rock star of sorts, just like the wannabe Jesus, or Mithras Junior. And it is for certain that Jesus could not have been born on December 25th. Ah, but Mitras was because it represents the Winter Soltice and the Roman Saturnalia festivities, including the Fascist Pine Tree flag that adorns the Appeal to Heaven Christian flag adopted by Christian Nationalism. It is a symbol forbidden in the Old Testament since it was worshipped by another pagan savior type named Attis who cut himself to pieces beneath a pine tree and bled out. His symbol also includes that of the Holly, a Saturnic reference seen in the thorny crucified crown donned by Jesus who was sacrificed to Satan, not the True and Eternal Father Almighty. All human sacrifice is Satanic. All of it is a sacrifice to Kronos, aka the Demiurge.

X Marks the Microchipped Spot: Elon the Con

X is also a symbol of Saturn aka Satan as seen in the Kamea of Saturn above as outlined in yellow, and the reason why Elon Musk chose X as the symbol when he purchased Tweeter and why he spent $75oo on his infamous Baphomet Halloween outfit. He’s a Satanic misfit who tells his potential advertisers who backed away from him to “go fuck yourselves” repeatedly on a recently televised interview. His goal is to microchip the population so that AI can help exterminate the population on Earth by 90% (their own claim, not mine) through yet another manufactured financial crisis, nuclear war, bioterrorism, and/or a false flag nuke attack on New York City so they can declare the financial markets destroyed (cashing in on the crash they engineer), making way for the need to chip everyone (for their own safety of course) and invade the middle east to help the poor suffering Zionists who knew about the Hamas terrorists plans for over a year and yet did nothing. Strike that, actually they did a lot: the Neo-Fascist Israeli governement was responsible for trading away the highest value prisoner (among 1027 in total) who then masterminded the Hamas terrorist attack of 2023 in exchange for a single Israeli soldier. Right, that’s what anyone who wanted to stay in power by chaos and crisis would do. We understand. It was just an oversight no doubt in the Israeli Prisoner Accounting Department. You can see quite clearly why X is one of the chief hidden-in-plain-sight symbols of Saturn: just look at the Square of Saturn above and you’ll see why X is the chosen symbol. Elon the Con knows that only 10% of the population at best are willing to wire themselves into an AI system that will enslave them to the will of the reptilian elite and by extension Saturn dressed in the Halloween outfit of Satan.

Trump’s Baby Boom of Childhood Doom

Recently, Trump said he would launch a contest to charter up to 10 “freedom cities” roughly the size of Washington, DC, on undeveloped federal land.“We’ll actually build new cities in our country again,” Trump said in the video. “These freedom cities will reopen the frontier, reignite American imagination, and give hundreds of thousands of young people and other people, all hardworking families, a new shot at home ownership and in fact, the American dream.” How sweet, especially considering that the elite plan on depopulating the planet and they have made that abundantly clear time after time. So why a baby boom? Because in the course of all the extermination, especially if it involves nuclear radiation, who will serve the New World Order? Answer: Babies, separated from birth or soon thereafter, perhaps in the season just before a nuclear winter sets in and the parents of said infants are vaporized or Covid-tized. Trump failed to name these ten locations and for good reason: he doesn’t know them, but his Deep State handlers do: To find out, simply look up the FEMA 10 Region Map, and bingo, you can place your bets these will be exactly where the “ten freedom cities” (read: Babies sent to Deep Underground Bunkers) will be located, easy enough to access the Deep Underground Military Bases, where toys for tots will include microchiped enslavement from birth, and if some are to be believed, served as New Style Baby Food for the unsavory ETs said to inhabit these DUMBs. But the ones selected as having valuable DNA will undergo transhumanism and hybridization. You can call them the New Gen Zombies. All you have to do for the er, American Nazi Dream to come true is nothing. That’s exactly how Hitler got into power. All evil needs to thrive is for the population to do nothing. It’s always somebody else’s problem until it becomes your own. And by that time its too late. “Freedom Cities” are newspeak code for Fascist Breeding Cities, where the State owns you and your offspring as their property.

The Real Life Number 9 Dream

Who doesn’t a nuclear war affect? Reptilians. They don’t like the sun and they can easily survive nuclear radiation, which is exactly why lead is the symbolic element of Saturn. Lead protects against radiation. Lead as in bullets and bombs. Brass as in bullets and bombs. Radiation creating bombs. And that’s why their genetic code includes jet black see-in-the dark and expanded spectrum of light eyes. Their sight spectrum sees all the way into the fifth dimension because they are well aware that time and space don’t really exist. Both are a creation of the psychopathic Demiurge, Satan. That’s why crazy is the new normal and it’s about to get a whole lot crazier according to the world doomsday clock set exactly at the year 2025. Add the numbers of the year 2025 up and you get the sum total of 9, exactly the number the top of the cube points to in perfect alignment with the number 9. Yes, that’s the same as the infamous “Number 9 Dream” sung by the late John Lennon. And why the Area 51, Dreamland, in Groom Lake, the top-secret research installation, located a hundred miles north of Las Vegas adds up to the Satanic number 6. It is reptilian code for the “five senses” enslaved to the “1” god on the 1 dollar bill: the Demiurge. Wake up America! Or not. It’s your doomsday after all. But don’t say you weren’t forewarned.