Saturn’s Cube Decoded: Jesus Confesses He Is Also Satanic

In the Unholy Bible, Revelation 22:13, Jesus makes this bold confession: I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Let’s begin with that confession straight from the so-called Messiah’s mouth. He’s saying he is Satan, and that’s why the God of this World and He are One. He is the twin or clone of Satan meant to deceive the world. A bold claim? Indeed, but he confesses because humans are too stupid and blind to see that the entire Bible from start to finish is a farce meant to destroy the world and hand it over to Satan with the help of Jesus, the cloned version of Satan as a False Savior. He is also saying he himself is an Antichrist come to damn the world. So let’s get straight to it, shall we? The Kamea of Saturn is a mathematical square that uses reptilian based logic to construct what you call reality, the great false light show. Satan aka Saturn is the god of trinitites, as you can clearly see: no matter which way to count the squares in the cube of Satan, three is the ruling force of illusion and represents the positive, negative and neutral nodes of El-ectrical current, for example (El representing Saturn or Satan). The unholy trintity is just that. Satan is a counterfeit god -a Demiurge- who requires a trinity to construct his Maya-trix world. And even the name for Jesus, or Immanu-EL, meaning god with us (satan is with us) defines his lineage as being that belonging to El, or Saturn aka Satan.

Decoding the Confession of Jesus as Satan’s Alter Ego

So, let’s get right down to it: Alpha in the Greek alphabet has a numerical value of 1. Omega in the Greek alphabet has a value of 800. Add them together, just as Jesus suggests, and you get 1 + 8 + 0 + 0 = 9. Nine is the number of Satan, arrived at when you add together a trinity of threes, as in 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. Or take the cursed number 666 which, when added together also equals 9 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18, so that 1 + 8 = 9). As you can clearly see in the Kamea of Saturn, or Satan, all the rows when added together always equal the number 15. And there again, Jesus isn’t hiding the fact that he is the mirror image of Satan, because being the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet which has exactly 24 letters is his way of confirming the fact. Simply add his title to the number of letters in the Greek alphabet and you arrive at 15. (9 + 24 gives us 9 + 2 + 4 = 15). Jesus is indeed a cloned version of Satan, take him at his word, and he is indeed one with god and the only begotten son of god, but it is not the True God of Heaven, it is the god of this world: Satan. Satan always manifests in a trinity. The True God is the only perfect Creator of All and as such has no number; Satan and Jesus are both sides of the same deception. They’re deceivers who are controlled, just like democrats and republicans are both controlled at the top by Satan and the Illuminati. Like the ruse of good cop/bad cop, they’re both part of a cosmic con game designed to steal your soul and reincarnate it in the Great Salavation Con Game. Jesus confesses it. He can then claim to the True God that he forewarned people not to believe him, all the while the bible claims he is the truth, the life, and the only way to god. He’s a liar, just as Satan is a liar. Believe him when he confesses he is a Satan. He means what he says. His truth is a lie. He’s telling you that in the same way as Satan likes to give you the finger while hiding the truth in plain sight. Christianity, like Satan, destroys any civilization it comes in contact with.

The Chief Cornerstone is Satan’s False god aka Jesus

In the bible Jesus is also called the chief cornerstone whom the builders rejected, viewed as the top of a pyramid unjoined because he has not yet returned as his alter ego: Satan. The floating cornerstone rejected is also seen outlined in yellow within the Kamea of Satan bearing the number 9. He is also described as a stumbling block, and indeed Jesus is just that: those who stumble into Christianity are in fact simply worshipping Satan in his “disguised as an angel of light” form. And if you add up the numbers contained in the cross of Satan or Saturn, you arrive at the number 25. This is the same stolen number from the Roman savior man-god Mithras and pasted onto the supposed birthdate of Jesus in December to celebrate Satan, just as the Xmas tree does that is displayed on the Christian Nationalist flag that worships Attis as yet another false savior who committed suicide beneath it and it is a symbol forbidden in the Old Testament for this very reason. X is another symbol of Satan and the reason it is prominently placed through the “Chi-Ro” cross in the Roman Catholic Satanic Church of Hell. As you can see from the Decoded Kamea of Satan, if you add the cross together you arrive at the number 25. The remaining numbers, when added together in the green X equals 20. It is another code for the year 2025 being the return of Saturn to rule Earth with a rod of iron, the favored instrument of Satan. It is spelled out in Revelation 2:27, saying “And he (Jesus aka Satan) shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received (authority) of my Father.” If that sounds like the iron cross of Nazism, you’d be closer to the truth than to believe Jesus is some holy savior and the son of the True God Almighty. The Antichrist and Christ are one in the same. It’s a cosmic shell game designed to create all religions as “isms” so that Satan and Jesus can create “schisms” and wreak destruction, with the intent of capturing human souls and sending them to his hell, run by El, or Satan with the help of his only begotten son, Jesus.

The New Jerusalem Described in Revelation: A Super Matrix Cube of Enslavement

Here is how the “New Jerusalem” is described, as the one world cube of Satanic imprisonment run by Jesus: In chapter 21 of the book of Revelation, the apostle John is shown the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, and he sees that it is shaped like a perfect cube, encircled by a wall. In other words as a city of Saturn aka Satan it arrives as a mothership and an even larger version of the Kabba stone encircled by Saturn’s ring of material Matrix enslavement. Saturn’s ring on Earth when the enslavement by AI is complete, will encircle Earth and eternally enslave the occupant-humanoid-robots, directing their every thought, move, desire and soul imprisonment by microchipping the sheeple. You. The description of this heavenly New Jerusalem beloved by Jesus (as a son of Saturn aka Satan. His name in the bible is EmmanuEL. Saturn is with us.) includes three doors on this four sided cube of enormous size. Since these doors are cubes themselves, note the dimensions and why there are only three doors and not four: because a cube or doorway of a cube within a cube has 6 sides. And added together, like the cube of Saturn itself, you arrive at the number of Anti-Christ and as Satan cloned and programmed to be Jesus in the three doors: 666. More over, the three doors within a cube form a triangle with the all-seeing eye of Saturn broadcasting to every sheeple-enslaved Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Atheist and enslaved-by-science Dummy on Earth. And as the bible warns, you’ll want to die but cannot. Don’t believe me? Look on the back of the dollar bill. And the rod of “iron” is a nod to the Iron Age of the Kali Yuga. And in the end times, the face that looks back at Satan’s in the mirror is that of Jesus, his mini-me and controller of the sheeple.

The All-Seeing Eye of El

In The Handbook of Greek Mythology by HK Rose, he states that “The Cyclops may be identified with the Els, a stellar or extraterrestrial race of non-human physique who built the labyrinthine cities underground utilising cosmic energies, still associated with the subterranean civilization of Agharta alleged to exist today.” The Els are reptilian dracos who are able to operate the physical world through holographic manipulation which began when Lucifer infested the genome with necromantic DNA of a dead Anunnaki reptilian criminal. It was finalized when humans were also given the reptilian brain in Ape 2.0 during a re-creation after the first cosmic war eons ago. Now, two creations of reptilian possession have passed and a third to complete the trinity of demonic possession is being proposed by Elon Musk (owner of X) with the introduction of the neural chip implant, forced by the destruction of the financial markets by nuking NYC, the “Big Apple” so appropriately named. Three sacrifices to Satan must be made by the Illuminati on the same sacrificial ground: first the truck bombing of the World Trade Center, next the aerial bombing of 9/11 and the finale that will put the “Patriot Act” of Satanic Global Enslavement into action: A nuclear bomb either detonated internally or delivered externally to NYC, aka The Big Apple, to inagurate Armageddon. Everything devoted to Satan has to occur in 3’s, symbolic of Satanic dominion in this world and Maya-trix. This is why Jesus was one of three criminals to be crucified as devoted to his father, Satan. And it is why he had to wait three days from his death to be resurrected by Satan.

Rosemary’s Baby Factories Soon Open for Business

The Els, as in Elohim, are all reptilian and that’s why the DUMBs were created (Deep Underground Military Bases) for hybridization of the new monsters and to become Rosemary’s Baby factories in the new Baby Boom being set in motion by the Anti-Abortion Ban and the 10 cities, one each in the 10 regions of FEMA where children will become the brave new breed of ape enslaved with reptilian cyber-genetics. These DUMBs all connect with the cities of Agharta that already exist within the hollow earth. El himself, as the Demiurge, is a Cyclops; a one-eyed all seeing god of damnation who hates the True God. He is the architect of this Saturnian based counterfeit creation. It’s a cyber-hell he created as Satan who hates the True Almighty God and who created Jesus as his only begotten son to infest the world with Satanic religions that create schsims. Christianity and all relgions are Satanic. At least Jesus admits to the fact, but theologians could never read his message. Why? Because they’re all spellbound by the God-Spell, the spell of Satan, the great magician, to enslave their souls.

The Heritage Foundation and Project 2025 are purely Satanic in their goal: to replace democracy with a theocratic and satanic dictatorship leading to the One World Satanic Governement. And the MAGA Christian Fascists are the tool being used, aided by the Supremely Corrupt Court of America. With enough violence at the voting booths across the country later in 2024, we are very likely to see the election results end up in the Satanic hands of the Supreme Court, which in turn will hand the election illegally to Donald Trump. That, in turn, will lead the US to Armageddon and the 90% depopulation so desired by the Satanic Illuminati as they have repeatedly boasted. When completed, the Illuminati itself will be murdered by the Greys or by a combination of ET forces at the behest of the True God Almighty, along with all the Satanic Christians who place their faith in the so-called Jesus -the same that confesses who he really is behind the mask of sinless holiness: Satan. It will end the sorry saga of this Planet of the Apes, too stupid to read the writing on the wall or heed the confession by Jesus himself that he is a clone and twin of Satan.

People are sheeple. The reptilian-based Zionist Illuminati El-ite who either obsessively or possessively control every major political party around the globe and all the religious and political “isms” and their international banking mob bosses don’t care about human life. It means less than a piece of gum to be chewed up and spit out. To them you’re an electrical gumdrop, a popsicle best served with a heavy dose of fear, ignorance and oppression. To understand the full background of how the El-ite plan to depopulate you, read the book The Last Harvest by Lucien Mars for full details. It’s available in paperback, eBook and audio for convenience at Amazon. And be sure to visit the free-to-view podcasts released by Damien Dumar on