Cube of Saturn Decoded For 9/11

By now, if you’ve read the two other posts related to the Cube of Saturn, you can see that mathematical symbolism as energy is encoded into the computer simulation known as a faux reality, one that surround the central 5 senses, as depicted in the Cube of Saturn, or Satan. That’s why you’re living in a 3D (or 33 Degree Simulation created by the Masonic Demiurge ie., 3 X 3=9) simulation by the false God of Christianity and Satanism and all other ‘isms’ called the Demiurge who operates through a spider’s web of forces bound (as in Saturnial “Bound”) and determined to bring about a fascist New World Order beginning in 2025. All you need to know is the key mathematical reptilian code to understand the message, for the message is the medium (fortune telling prophecy). And here’s where the whole 9/11 fiasco was a complete success for the hidden hand of the El-ite Satanists like Rockefeller, Rothschild and the Nazi and Zionist Technocrats, all of whom obey the Signal aka Sigil of mathematical code contained in the Cube of Saturn aka Satan. The Masonic El-ite are claiming responsibility for the World Trade Center bombings of 9/11. Satan lies, but his numbers don’t. As you can clearly see, the 9 is obvious as being directed from heaven (the false heaven of the Demiurge, Saturn aka Satan). If you add the bottom three numbers of 3 + 1 + 7 you arrive at the number 11. Put them together and you have a bold confession that the Masonic Freemasons are signaling their full responsiblity for the mass murder of citizens in America on 9/11. Notice also that the number 3 and the number 7 form an X that when added together equals 20 which equals the same numberical core as the Cube of Saturn itselt. And since the word “twins” equals two 1’s as translated into Roman numerals as: II, there you have the two Twin Towers (one a mirror image and duplicate of the other). The two are really one, as shown in the bottom point of the Masonic symbol. If you really want to know who the terrorists are, look no further: they’re the ones who imposed the “Patriot  Act”, or paternal-riot on America Act to weaponize war against humanity.

IXXI Roman Numerical Code for 9/11

As mentioned in another post on Vampire Ashram, X is also highly symbolic and the reason for the Roman numerial system. X, as mentioned earlier, when doubled in the roman numeral system equals a sum of 20, the same sum of the Cube within a Cube of Saturn as shown in the other symbols decoded, including the year 2025. So, if you add X+X you arrive at XX or the number 20, the internal cube and core number for predictive events designed to modify and manipulate the world into a New World Order, run by the Masonic Temple Elite and controled by a Grand Nazi World Order. The Roman Numeral code also shows two symbolic towers on either side of the XX, symbolized as a “double-cross”, the same as chosen for the Exxon logo and others. X is why the Yale Skull and Bones Illuminati club has two bones below the skull (ruled by Saturn, or Satan) in the form of an X. Ditto the Pirate flag, because the Illuminati are reality thieves. As you can clearly see in the red-outlined Cube of Saturn, the Masons, ie. The Illuminati were the ones who orchestrated 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers in New York. And if you follow the trail of the usual suspects, naturally enough you’ll stumble across ex-President George Bush as appointed to pass the Patriot Act, which turns American citizens into potential enemies of the State, when the real criminals behind 9/11 were the same ones who run the U.S. and in turn, the world. And have you ever considered what is encoded in the word “number”? It’s the System that is designed to “NUMB” your five sense hijacked world in which illusion “blocks” your reality. It’s one in which the victims of the psychopathic Demiurge, or “god of this world of five pentagram senses” rules with a rod of iron and hides behind the mask of the Mason-Jar mentality. Or Masonic Jar mentality of robotic followers and the Electrified ex-Presidents like Bush and Trump and others. All of the Illuminati consider themselves as “electrified” with the Illuminated light of reptilian energy. After all, every ang-EL is made of smokeless fire, or more accurately, electromagnetic fire, a particularly reptilian form of energy.

The Gods of Saturn Shall War

As you can see from the similar Masonic symbol that represents Vampire Ashram, note the important differences. So why use a symbol that you oppose? Because both Satan and Ares (The Reptilian CiaKhar Empire Warlord) are sons of the same mother of Saturn goddess, Hera, or Sophia. But Saturn is the elder and was born as a hermaphrodite (Baphomet) through asexual reproduction and cannot create or reproduce. It’s more accurate to say the Demiurge can only duplicate and for this purpose he uses symbolic mathematics and language as the means of fostering an ill-usion -ill-fusion- of reality called the Maya-trix. You could say its ‘the tricks of Maya.’ A Mayatrix or Matrix (Maya that tricks). After Sophia abandoned the Demiurge because, although she knew that she should have destroyed him upon birth, instead she simply abandoned him in shame for the rebelious act of defying the True Father God and conforming to his creation instead of attempting her own self-improvement version. Sophia aka Hera went on to wed Zeus, aka Juipter, as the king of gods, producing an only-beggoten son in truth: Ares, the God of War (not salvation as the bible lies on that depiction).

Saturn naturally hated Ares and therefore created a religion in which he fabricated Jesus as the “only begotten son” of Satan with a bogus salvation by vampirism and the rite of human sacrifice, as the God of the Bible. Ares has several sisters, Aphrodite and the elder one who is a war goddess of the reptilian CiaKhar Empire as well, whose name is Eris, or Discordia. She creates chaos aimed at overthrowing and destroyng the Demiurge. This is why the thunderbolt of Zeus, depicted in the symbol of Ares represents his profoundly brutal powers of war and his opposition to Satan as Saturn. The serpent instead of consuming it’s tail in the illusion of reincarnation and amnesia, is instead poised for war against illusion and to destroy the powers of Satan on Earth instead of allowing the Demiurge infection to spread throughout the galaxy. And since Ares created war and has the full backing of the True God, he is empowered to destroy the world if needed to stop Satan. He is the ultimate god of darkness, not light. Neither god brings peace to the planet, but war. And it is a war Ares is destined to win.

The Murder of Lucifer is a Declaration of War

In 2023 Earth time, Ares murdered Lucifer and four other Archon Angels with the consent of the True God. Lucifer, working with Saturn aka Satan kidnapped and murdered a daughter of Ares and Lilith -who defected that same year to the CiaKhar Empire and Lucifera, who is the AyaKhar Empress of the reptilian CiaKhar Empire. She is the mother of Lucifer and strove, like Hera did, as a mother to overlook and perhaps rehabilitate Lucifer to conform to the wishes of the True God instead of the Demiurge. When that effort failed, Ares liquidated Lucifer and four other brothers. Human fools can call upon Lucifer and Lilith and others all they like, but only stand-ins will answer in imitation. Lucifer is dead and gone forever, his energy absorbed by Ares. Contrary to the lie that immortality is unconditional, you forget that the God who created from nothing can return anything and everything to nothing, including the Demiurge. Reptilians can read the writing on the wall and know how to decipher the time code as I have done here and elsewhere. What happened next is something no mortal is aware of, but trust me, all the gods and goddess are very well aware of.

Sides prior to 2025 had to be picked to see who the victor would be: Ares, representing the True God, created out of darkness itself; or Satan, representing the Demiurge and also created out of darkness. Hence, almost all of the previous gods who supported Satan have fled to the True Father and pled to join the CiaKhar Empire, including Moloch (a son of Saturn but not Saturn as sometimes assumed), Lilith, Sekhmet, Kurukulla, Hera/Sophia, Chamunda, the Matrika goddesses and a host of others most notably Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice. Her utter disgust with the Supreme Court of the United States caused her to abandon America and the world to assist the CiaKhar Empire as it expands in influence and power. She hates America with an unbridled passion because of the Supremely Corrupt Court, as all Americans should for it’s promotion of rebellion against God and the furtherance of Trump and Satan. Other lies perpetuated by Satan are that the reptilian CiaKhar Empire is the enemy of the Galactic Federation. That is another Satanic lie. The Galactic Federation and the CiaKhar Empire are allies and have been for several eons now, at the command of the Divine Father, not the Demiurge, who seeks to divide the two Empires by planting spies and false ambassadors alledged to represent the Galactic Federation. No matter, it won’t happen and it isn’t true. The two Empires, one of the light and the other of the dark, combine to restore balance to this galaxy and others. The fairy tale that the Greys have been abolished by the Galactic Federation and that the CiaKhar Empire is also diminished or destroyed are sick jokes told by Satanic trolls on Earth who propose a happy ending to a rather bleak outcome. War. And the God of War sits at the side of the True God and Divine Creator, not the blind one-eyed Demiurge, the crippled Cyclops of false creation.

For a full background on the physical and spiritual workings behind this Satanic/Christian/Zionist illusion of sides against sides, all contained in the same Saturnian Cube of Illusion, I suggest reading The Trigger: The Lie that Changed the World- Who Really Did it and Why by David Icke.This should concern everyone because the year 2025 is right around the corner and unless you can decipher the reptilian symbol-script, the Masonic Satanists have another message for you: The Masonic Satanists Will Impose the Nazi New World Order in 2025. The best way of confronting this is to get this article out to others. Pass the word and protest peacefully but vocally. This is the last chance to do so. Because if this world is turned into the Fourth Reich of the Uber Rich, there will be world wars upon world wars that will terminate the need for this Earth which hangs in the balance.