9/11 Attack on the Pentagon Decoded

Notice that by overlaying the Kamea of Saturn with a pentagram (you’ll notice the pentagon that forms in the center) and then adding up all of the points on the pentagram, you arrive at a significant key to the Masonic 33 Degree position with the pentagon to be sacrificed in the center of the symbol. And 3 X 3 = 9, the number of Satan aka Saturn. Each 33 Degree Mason is considered a son of Satan aka Saturn and is privy to the inner workings of the Satanic Freemason One World Enslavement System and is expected to make bloody sacrificial offerings to his adopted father Satan. This is a mere formality taken up with gusto by the Roman Catholic Church who are also Fatherly experts in “child rearing.” You know the ones: Like the leaders and fascist billionaires each year who sactifice an effigy of the human race to Moloch in Bohemian Grove in California. We can see the influence of Satan aka El in the bible as the one who poses as the Good Shepherd to corral and lead the sheep (and/or fleece them for donations) into war, or peace-killing, or is it peace-keeping? It all begins in El-ementary School. And if the sheeple misbehave they might even end up in the El-ectric Chair, invented by a dentist named Alfred Southwick in 1881, a Quaker. On August 6, 1890, William Kemmler was the first to be executed by electrocution. Southwick was present and is reported to have said, “There is the culmination of ten years work and study! We live in a higher civilization from this day.” What else would you expect a sadistic-minded Quaker to say? But critics did not agree. The New York State Dental Society went so far as to decline to recognize the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry, ostensibly because Southwick had not actually earned a degree in dental medicine. The lying piece of electrified Quaker shit! This is what religion produces: sadistic liars reveling like morons in the name of science or superstition.

Then there’s good ‘ol Benjamin Franklin. Like George Washington, he too was a Mason of note. Noteworthy is the legacy he left as buried treasure beneath his house, but please don’t think the Yale Skull & Bones Club is anything nefarious just because it is a Fascist Illuminati Fraternity Club for White Boys:

According to Smithsonian Magazine, “For nearly two decades leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin lived in London in a house at 36 Craven Street. In 1776, Franklin left his English home to come back to America. More than 200 years later, 15 bodies were found in the basement, buried in a secret, windowless room beneath the garden. In 1998, conservationists were doing repairs on 36 Craven, looking to turn Franklin’s old haunt into a museum. “From a one-meter-wide, one-meter-deep pit, over 1,200 pieces of bone were retrieved”—remnants of more than a dozen bodies, according to Benjamin Franklin House. Six were children. Forensic investigations showed that the bones dated to Franklin’s day.” Claims to debunk the embarrassment to the Satanic Freemasons included this one in the same article: “Franklin was a noted revolutionary and powerful freemason—the Grand Master of Masons of Pennsylvania so it’s easy to wonder what dark secrets Franklin may have hidden in his basement chamber. But the truth, it turns out, isn’t quite so dark. “The most plausible (*read ‘official’) explanation is not mass murder, but an anatomy school run by Benjamin Franklin’s young friend and protege, William Hewson,” said the Guardian in 2003.

Yes, of course. This is probably the same person who explained away the JFK assassination with the magic bouncing bullet, the 9/11 wunder planes and why Bibi “Bomb-Em-To-Hell” Netanyahu didn’t act on confirmed Hamas terrorist planned attacks. Instead, he released the mastermind who pulled off the Hamas Terrorist attacks on Israel in October of 2023 after a prison exchange of over 1,000 terrorists for a single Israeli foot soldier. Makes perfect sense, becasue we all know conspiracies are make-believe fabrications by the uninformed. The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Have No Conspiracies Before those we, the Illuminati, orchestrate. Watch the news and see for yourself: there are none there ever shown or known. All our politicians are honest, God Fearing Christian Patriots, ready, willing and able to hang Mike Pence in public. Let’s cut to a commercial and forget we told you that. Suze, what’s next for the weather….

The Pentagon 9/11 Attack Linked to Satanic Freemasonry Illuminati

This historic prelude brings us up to the 9/11 attack on the pentagon with the magically evaporating airplane whose passengers, black box, and everything but a few scraps of smoking metal simply demateralized. The wings were the first to vanish just prior to hitting the pentagon. Happens all the time, wings of a major commercial airliner are known to simply vanish into a parallel universe just prior to impact. Somewhere out there in a parallel universe, the wreckage with bodies and the interior seats and equipment, baggage and all else landed. That’s a lot harder to believe than what the Kamea of Saturn says: That 9/11 was planned by the Satanic Illuminati Freemasons, including the usual suspects such as Bush Skull & Bone-Headed ex-president, boy George. To recap, when the five pointed pentagram is added together we arrive at the number of Satan and the 33 Degree Masons. It also equals the number of Satan which is 9. (3 X 3)= 9. This also occurs in the number 666, which when added together equals 18, or 1 + 8 = 9. Nine as Satan is enthroned in the crown position of the Cube, up top and in the center of a trinity. This means that whatever happens in the Cube of Saturn, happens as devoted to Satan, King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the Bible. Nine is therefore the ruling number of the Matrix as its Master Mason. This number 9 comes up so frequently as to be an aside, including such movies as the Nine Gates staring Johnny Depp. The 9/11 Pentagon attack was planned and implemented by the Satanic Illuminati Freemasons. The code is akin to a confession: 9/11 has all the signature elements of a signed confession when you know the reptilian-based Illuminati code.

All Aboard For Armageddon: Flight 9/11 Now Boarding

Now let’s add up the numerals in the yellow triange (9 + 5 + 1 + 8 + 6) and we arrive at the number 29. Add them together and you get the number 11. Interestingly, or logically, when you also add up the entire pentagram (33 + 5) you arrive at the number 38. And what do you get when you add up 3 + 8? The number 11. The pentagon in the center is to be sacrificed -in part- as an offering before the throne of Satan. The Illuminati El-ites needed some cover for their Iraqi invasion plan, and what better way to raise the indignation, Muslim hatred, and the pretex for the middle-east war in Iraq that will eventually lead to World War 3 (Satan requires a Trinity of Wars to equal a One World Order) and Armageddon? And who directs all of this reptilian coded symbolic language? Satan. Before his throne, as depicted in the pyramind, sits the Number 9, Satan. And from this diagram we can clearly and visually see that the Pentagon was to be sacrificed in part during the Infamous 9/11 Illuminati attack hosted from within. Imagine now how long this planned attack from within had to take. It had to happen far prior to the building of the Pentagon or the building of the Twin Towers. And it clearly implicates the ex President and cabinet along with their handlers, the Illuminati. Two planes and a guided missle…er, scratch that…. a folding and fast dissolving commerical airliner that vaporized at the Pentagon into a parallel universe, all took place over the most secured military zones in America? Yes of course they did.

People are sheeple. The reptilian-based Zionist Illuminati El-ite who either obsessively or possessively control every major political party around the globe and all the religious and political “isms” and their international banking mob bosses don’t care about human life. It means less than a piece of gum to be chewed up and spit out. To them you’re an electrical gumdrop, a popsicle best served with a heavy dose of fear, ignorance and oppression. To understand the full background of how the El-ite plan to depopulate you, read the book The Last Harvest by Lucien Mars for full details. It’s available in paperback, eBook and audio for convenience at Amazon. And be sure to visit the free-to-view podcasts released by Damien Dumar on thelastharvest.info