Has Satan Rigged the 2024 November Election in America?

The Kamea of Saturn Decoded points to an overturning of the next and last American Election by the Supreme Court and their MAGA Neo-Nazi Christian Nationalism infiltrated judges. Samuel Alito has given the middle finger (Saturn finger) to America by flying not one, but two MAGA based flags, signaling his hatred for Democracy and the American justice system he has infiltrated by the El-ite Illuminati Neo-Nazi billionaires and Satanic Freemasons who constructed the Project 2025 theocratic dictatorship sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, on the same model of Hitler’s. So let’s see how the Kamea or Cube of Saturn aka Satan works to numerically decode the event: First of all, bear in mind that Satan’s number is 9 (3 x 3, or 15 as 1 + 5 =6 x 3 = 666, which equals 18 when added as 6 x 3 = 18, or 1+8 = 9). This also explains why there are 9 boxes or cubes in the Kamea of Saturn aka Satan.

Multiplying 9 cubes by a trinity of three adds up to 27. Then by adding 2 + 7 we find the author and god of this world: 9, or Satan.The Kamea of Saturn expresses energy as dictated events in the false reality of time as computer code for the matrix we live in under Saturn, as symbolized in the top center of the pyramid position representing Satan as the god of this world. Next, consider that there are exactly 9 supremely corrupt court judges now presiding over the most corrupted Supreme Court in American history who are purposefully delaying the trial of Donald J. Trump, allowing him to erase them all when he becomes Dictator Trump in 2024 and is declared immune from prosecution, even though he is now a convicted felon after an impartial jury of citizens handed down 34 guilty verdicts of hush-money payoffs and cover ups to avoid him losing the election in 2016 from multiple sex scandals after the pussy-grabbing episode on the Access Hollywood tape became public:  (added together it makes sense, since it was a 9 -or Satanically- dominated year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9).

Add to all this the Trump-loving judicial groupie in Florida, judge Aileen Cannon who has indefinitely delayed an open and shut case against the man who appointed her to the bench. Both Aileen Cannon and the 9 Supremely Corrupt Court Justices all wear the black robes symbolic of Saturn, as do Roman Catholic priests and other religionists. Saturn aka Satan runs every religion and every “ism”, including Christianity (see associated articles on Notes from the Nightside on Vampire Ashram). And with the “isms” Satan always causes “schisms.” That’s why the date of 11/05/2024 divides the square in half, represented as the numbers 2 (1+1) , 5 (0 + 5) and  2024 as 8 (2 + 0 + 2 +4) and thus dividing America in half, creating the politically violent schism we now live in. And it is destined to get worse. Much worse. Dividing the nation of America is the work of Satan, supported by the same Neo-Nazi Christian Nationalists who, under a different name but the same Satanic Illuminati bankers who gave financial and revolutionary birth to Communism and Fascism and Capitalism. They created America, Russia, Israel and Nazi Germany using different philosophies to achieve the same One World Dominion under Israel, or the Egyptian Gods Isis & RA under EL (Satan) Zionism.

How Trump Became the Dictator of Pussy

From the Access Hollywood Tape: “Trump: You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Bush: Whatever you want? Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” So how did Trump go from grabbing women by the pussy to becoming the Dictator of Pussy by overturning Roe-vs Wade? He did it by appointing hand-picked Illuminati Neo-Nazis onto the Supreme Court. A Neo-Nazi dictatorship is planned by the Illuminati-backed Supreme Court and by delaying the Trump espionage trial of classified documents aided and assisted by another supremely corrupt and incompetent judge in Florida: Aileen Cannon. The plan is to delay and then destroy Democracy, replacing it with a theocratic Nazi-land of America. And like Hitler did before him, he’ll then turn on Christians just as surely as Trump wanted Mike Pence hung. His new motto might be “grab women by the pussy and hang Christians like Mike Pence by a rope.” While he is a psychopathic and a sociopathic liar, at least he’s consistent in his sadistic craziness. That’s why the ignorant in America love him, just like the Christian storm-troopers for Jesus in Nazi Germany loved their fascist dictator. And like Nazi Germany under Hitler, America shall likewise be destroyed by Trump. Because the sheeple aren’t capable of thinking for themselves, they need a pussy-grabbing racist criminal and convicted felon -like Hitler- to run the country. And what does the Kamea of Saturn have to say about the 2024 election?

Satan’s Kamea Predicts Strife & Sabotage in the 2024 Election

Let’s first examine the date of the U.S. election: It is 11-05-2024. So let’s add together 1 + 1 + 5 +2 + 0 + 2 + 4. What do you get? 15 And 15 is the number ruled by Satan as each row of the Magic Square of Saturn (who is god of Magic, and casts a God’s-Spell over Christians, turning them from people into blinded sheeple). In other words, it is a date that is significant because of Satan’s direct influence on the Supremely Corrupt Court of 9 judges sitting in the black robes of Saturn. Like Bush v Gore, you can expect violence to errupt all across America and especially at democratic districts aimed at starting a race riot. This will mean that the election results will be hotly disputed, leading to a Supremely Corrupt Court Decision and a rigged election by the United States of Soviet Republicans party. The Republican party has devolved into a Satanically backed Christian Fascist Cult, and is no longer a political party. It can be safely assumed that the Russian KGB have already infiltrated the MAGA movement and/or set up independent splinter terrorist groups aimed at strategic ballot box acts of domestic terrorism in democratic majority areas across the country, knowing they’ll be pardoned when Dictator Trump, the first pussy-grabbing President, financial fraudster and rapist is illegially re-elected. And then MAGA will be repressed, crushed and its adherents systematically destroyed as Hitler did, and which was hinted at in the Hang Mike Pence program. Christians will literally reap the disaster they are now sowing. Only the cream of the slime like Alito and Cannon and lackies like the easily corrupted Clarence Thomas will remain secure in Naziland, USA.

Deciphering the Date of the November Election

Next look at the line that bisects and divides the Kamea of Saturn in two, as outlined by the numerical day, month and year date squares for 11-05-2024 as the election date. You can see that Satan, represented by the number 15 (when the row is added together) is the one controlling the day, the month, and the year in which the election is to be sabotaged and Democracy is to be overturned by division and violence. Satan, to the reptilian race of extraterrestials, is known as the Cyclops of El, as in the El of the Bible, or Yahweh and the God of the New Testament (Same God since the New Jerusalem is a Cubical City of Cyber Imprisonment with three doors instead of 4 as foretold in the Book of Revelation, or 6 x 6 x 6, the number of side in a cube being 6, or 666, meaning Jesus is just another cyber code for enslavement to EL, Satan) the same one who brings back to Earth the New Jerusalem as a Fascist World State (see the specific article describing the New Jerusalem Mind Prison). The God of the Bible has one-eye because the Demiurge was born as an abobination of desolation, asexually from the womb of Hera, mother of Saturn in rebellion against the True God. He is destined for destruction after playing out his role on Earth because the free will of his supporters to re-elect a greedy pussy-grabbing, Nazi racist will only add to their punishment at the hands of the Illuminati itself, and then at the hands of the Eternally True God in the afterlife for their evil, knowing full well they’re supporting a financially fraudulent rapist and convicted felon for President, who stole the election in 2016 with an oncoming 2024 replay with his accomplices in crime: The Supreme Court of Satan.

Israel: Isis & Ra under El

Israel is a Zionist puppet Fascist State of the Rothschild Illuminati, and in fact the name Israel is literally translated into: Isis-and-Ra-rulers under El. Israel. Russia is also a Fascist state established by the international El-ite Illuminati bankers and Satanic Freemasons like Rothschild, Rockefeller and others. From a purely practical point of view this distopian election scenario makes sense because now that Trump is a convicted rapist and felon, he has everything to gain and nothing left to lose by rigging the election with the help of the Billionaire Illuminati backers and Russia. And he’ll never leave his illegally secured office until Armageddon is over and what’s left of humanity, along with the Illuminati, are violently destroyed by a combined alien force sent by the True God, not the false Christian/Satanic one. Like the democrats and republicans who are both owned and operated by the Illuminati, there has to be a Christ to have an Anti-Christ, both of whom are also owned and operated by the Illuminati. If you do the math, the Illuminati are demanding a 90% population reduction (9 + 0 = 9) as a Satanic decree, leaving 10%. Observe the Kamea of Saturn and you’ll see that opposite the 9 at the top center of the square is the 1, or the 10% to become enslaved to the Ai implanted children from the baby boom announced by Trump to be located in special breeding cities, then taken underground into the DUMBs system to be hybridized, chip implanted Children of the Damned. The 10 locations will be one each for the 10 existing FEMA regions in the United States. Look up FEMA regions and you’ll see where they’ll be located, and where parents will be separated from their baby-boom children. Don’t believe me? Then maybe you’ll believe an Internment & Resettlement Operations report issued by the Department of the Army in February 10, 2010.

Homeland Insecurity & FEMA Camp PSYOPS

Here’s how they plan to use PSYOPs in the FEMA concentration camps for those who dare exercise their Freedom of Speech under the voided US Constitution of Ameria after Dictator Trump is installed as a puppet of the Illuminati. This excerpt is taken from Appendix K of the report titled: Psychological Operations Support to Internment and Resettlement Operations, published by the U.S. Army Headquarters: “To effectively support I/R (Internment aka inprisonment and resettlement), tactical PSYOP (psychological operations) units perform essential tasks that include: Developing a PSYOP program and conducting PSYOP to pacify, obtain cooperation from and condition the I/R facility population (American citizens imprisoned in the camps) to accept U.S authority. . . Collecting and confirming or denying demographic information about PSYOP target audiences. . . Ascertaining targets and objectives of propaganda . .. ” And so it goes on in Nazified fashion, including the use of mind-altering drugs. What it doesn’t include is any notice of children of the prison population. That’s because they’ll be sent to the underground Gulags run by the reptilian-military industrial complex for hybridization or as food supply. You can obtain a copy of FM-3-39.40: Internment and Resettlement Operations published by Headquarters, Department of the Army on Amazon.

Even if you think all of this is fanciful, that’s because you’re programmed to think that. There are no conspiracies, just theories. Wait and See. Oops, now its too late, you swallowed the bait. The only way this prediction doesn’t happen is if enough people know the truth and prepare to face it as a possibility prior to the election in November. The most dangerous man in the world isn’t Trump. It isn’t even a man, it’s a reptilian god named Satan who is known as the Demiurge, stealer of light from heaven to create an illusion. Trump is just his Anti-Christ puppet dangling on the string of Satan. It’s a Matrix. One that he controls on all sides in whatever trinity of gods you find all across the globe. Satan lies, but his numbers don’t. Pandora’s box is Saturn’s square of evils loosened on Earth and Trump is just another Jack-in-the-Box (Cube) Clown. The signs are all around you, but you cannot see them since they’re so numerous and so obvious that you’re blinded by lies, which is why Trump is so much like Satan: He lies in a pathological manner, fooling only his rabid supporters.

People are sheeple. The reptilian-based Zionist Illuminati El-ite who either obsessively or possessively control every major political party around the globe and all the religious and political “isms” and their international banking mob bosses don’t care about human life. It means less than a piece of gum to be chewed up and spit out. To them you’re an electrical gumdrop, a popsicle best served with a heavy dose of fear, ignorance and oppression. To understand the full background of how the El-ite plan to depopulate you, read the book The Last Harvest by Lucien Mars for full details. It’s available in paperback, eBook and audio for convenience at Amazon. And be sure to visit the free-to-view podcasts released by Damien Dumar on thelastharvest.info