Saturn’s Cube Deciphered for Dummys: 2025 = Doom & Gloom

Why are so many pivotal plans of destruction pointed at the year 2025, including the next and last American election prior to the very high probability of the Supreme Court illegially handing the election to Donald Trump after ballot box chaos across America to become the first American Dictator? The Heritage Foundation, a Satanic-Christian think tank has laid out the agenda to strip the Constitution of the United States and grant the immunity Dictator Trump seeks in order to establish a theocratic dictatorship that will end with the enslavement of Christians themselves and their execution. Other diabolical plans coincide with the year 2025 such as the ones outlined in The Last Harvest by Lucien Mars, such as the one submitted as the 2025 Plan to Weaponize the Weather. Also, as early as October 30, 2014, the website was projecting massive depopulation by the year 2025. As David Rockefeller, one of the Illuminati Reptilian Elite exclaimed when speaking before the United Nations on September 24, 1994: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” Martin Egnash of the website has also stated, “The military is moving from human driven machines to autonomous robots, making science fiction come to life in our time. A study done by the Joint Forces estimates that autonomous, fighting robots will be in the field by 2025.” For more 2025 projects designed to introduce the chaos needed by the Reptilian-Driven David Rockefeller read The Last Harvest┬áby Lucien Mars, available on Amazon.

Satan aka Saturn is the God of Matrix Math

Satanists (or more appropriately, Saturnian shapeshifting Draco reptilians) at the top level and innermost circles of power know the critical meaning of the year 2025, and why the number 25 is so important to the frequency they use to control humans and especially human religions. The green “illuminated” cube of Saturn above is the year of return code within the cubical code, that when added together equals the number 20. The red swastika contained in the cube of Saturn, when added together on all four sides equals the number 25. This is the reason we have a dollar bill (as in due) and that it is divided into the square of four, 25 being a quarter turn towards the one-eyed, one dollar-god of illusion and confusion, Saturn, whose all-seeing but blind eye is on the back of the bill (that is due). This is not mysticism per say, but a frequency modulator that -when combined and transmitted through the HARP electromagnetic signals being emitted from towers all across the US, determines the implementation of worldly events, constructed as a biocentric and electromagnetic hologram re-infusement point, one that is beamed from Saturn (whose rings are artifically expanding, and now moving toward Jupiter) through the bioelectrical fields of Orion and the Earth’s recentralizing control system we call the Moon, onto Earth, creating a spider’s web of influence over all humanity, and code named God’s (Saturn’s) Spell (gospel) Binding (binding humanity to reincarnation and amnesia from the recycling bin of illusion). God (Satan, god of this world) spellbinds all religions and politics and the military and all else that is humanity. Notice that the number 5 is enslaved in the center of the double helix cube, representative of the five sense world. It’s written in a cosmic computer code because this world is a Maya-trix built to enslave and terrorize humanity because Satan aka Saturn hates the True Eternal God who can create from nothing to manifest everything. Saturn is limited to matematical repitition, imitation and illusion. He’s a steampunk god of technology, and his greatest feat he seeks to accomplish is to turn humans into transhumanistic robotic slaves, uniformly microchipped by the likes of Elon Musk and others. X marks the Elon Musk spot. X also stands for Satan, or Saturn, as in X-Mass. As in a Mass-ive illusion. Cosmic Math is the language Saturn uses to bind you to the illusion of freedom and spiritual salvation that comes in 33 flavors, all of them flimsy as a daydream, or nightmare. All of them are lies.

Soul Catcher 2025 Aims to Chip the Sheeple

So says Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecom’s artificial life team (and it is meant to fit an artificial life you already possess!) : ‘By combining this information (meaning the computer chip to be implanted behind the eye that could record a person’s every lifetime thought) [and therefore also modify any and every thought, LM] with a record of the person’s genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Dr. Winter’s team of eight scientists at BT’s Mtlesham Heath Laboratories near Ipswich calls the chip proect ‘Soul Catcher 2025.’ The proposal to digitize existence is based on a solid calculation of how much data the brain copes with over a lifetime. Again we see the Satanically trademarked year 2025, the year of Saturn’s return to power aka Satan. This is the same year that the takeover of governments around the globe is scheduled to begin, as in:

The European Union & The New World Order

On December 7, 2017, Martin Schulz, the leader of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, called for the United States of Europe to be established by guess when? 2025. According to the plan, “The day will come when governments will be forced to admit that an integrated Europe is an accomplished fact, without saying anything in terms of defining its foundations. All that would then be left for them to do is to merge all of their autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then proclaim the United States of Europe.” According to Sonntag, “Germany will then be merging ‘with a democratically illegitimate, lobbyist-controlled bureaucratic Monster, The United States of Europe…” and that would end the free and democratic Europe. The takeover of Europe by the New World Order will take place in Germany and other EU countries simultaneously during the target date of 2025.

Numerology is Destiny to the Demiurge

Take the number 25. It is siginificant that the birth of Mitras, a god-child of Rome was born on December 25, which was then cut-and-pasted onto the corrupted life of Jesus in the corrupted priestly for profit Saturnian bible. It is the winter soltice and also the time of the Saturnalia festivals of ancient Rome.The life of Mitras, like a dozen more saviors around the world mimics and mirrors that of Jesus, who was sacrificed to Saturn when he was crucified (see the Notes from the Nightside post for full information). The message they all have is almost identical. Take for example Jesus’s Saturnian or Satanic dictate that “you must be born again (i.e. reincarnate).” Or that of Krisha, another bogus savior whose mandate is identical, that you have a wheel (Saturn’s enslaving wheel of time we recognize as a clock or wristwatch) of reincarnation that must be followed. In it there are 12 hours, just as Jesus had 12 disciples and there are 12 houses in the Zodiac. Jesus was sacrificed to his father (Saturn or Satan) as symbolized in the role of Saturn as the Son devourer. El represents Saturn, or Satan, and is the god of the bible, both old and new. Like the enslaved sheeple, he reincarnates as well in a new guise. And how does this “holy” Jesus return to rule the New Jerusalem after Armageddon and all Hell breaks loose on Earth when armies attack Israel (code name: Isis & Amen-Ra under El). Amen is the name of Satan, added as a surname to Ra, the Son of Saturn.

Here is how the “New Jerusalem” is described: In chapter 21 of the book of Revelation, the apostle John is shown the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, and he sees that it is shaped like a perfect cube, encircled by a wall. In other words as a city of Saturn it arrives as a mothership and an even larger version of the Kabba stone encircled by Saturn’s ring of material Matrix enslavement. Saturn’s ring on Earth when the enslavement by AI is complete, will encircle Earth and eternally enslave the occupant-humanoid-robots, directing their every thought, move, desire and soul imprisonment by microchipping the sheeple. You. The description of this heavenly New Jerusalem beloved by Jesus (as a son of Saturn. His name in the bible is EmmanuEL. Saturn is with us.) includes three doors on this four sided cube of enormous size. Since these doors are cubes themselves, note the dimensions and why there are only three doors and not four: because a cube or doorway of a cube within a cube has 6 sides. And added together, like the cube of Saturn itself, you arrive at the number of Anti-Christ in the three doors: 666. More over, the three doors within a cube form a triangle with the all-seeing eye of Saturn broadcasting to every sheeple-enslaved Christian, Muslim, Atheist and Dummy on Earth. And as the bible warns, you’ll want to die but cannot. Don’t believe me? Look on the back of the dollar bill. 

Christian Satanism, Two Sides of the Same Coin

Why do Christians follow and worship Satan, although unknowingly? Because they follow the “gospel” or god-spell and are therefore spellbound to Satan, or Saturn, since he is one of the two sons of Hera, who is the ultimate Goddess of Black Magic and Illusion. She rebelled against the Eternal Father, not wanting to have a male mate, so she asexually produced the Demiurge, or the Blind God, who then created this Maya-trix from his imitation steampunk light, working in tandem with Lucifer who injected into the first humans a DNA dose of necromantic genetic material from a dead criminal reptilian he had executed. Why dead? Because that was the only way to integrate the Maya-trix code and enable Reptilians to take over the planet at the behest of Satan, or Saturn. Lucifer was recently liquidated in his entirety by Ares, god of war, since immortality is conditional and the decision to destroy utterly is not in the perview of Satan, but of the True Eternal Father, whose original creation is uncorrupted. Earth is a corruption and it’s occupants are corruptions of Lucifer’s dead reptilian genetics being implanted and passed along to one and all. The Clash of the Titans is more formally a war between two brothers: The Demiurge and Ares, the God of War, the same who created war and who wounded Satan by slicing his legs into two serpents, causing the Flood and the cosmic catastrophe you live in today.

Binding is the key force of Saturn, as in spell-binding. Your mind isn’t your own, it is owned and operated by an invalid Wizard god named Saturnus wounded in the last cosmic upheaval by Ares (as another war in heaven) that brought about the Flood and the expulsion of Saturn as a sun into the netherworld of becoming a dwarf star in the outer darkness. The Holy Ghost is the unholy frequency of his binding your mind, soul and body to his Maya-trix frequency of illusion. It’s all in your head, and your head is where he wants to remain as your god-father forever. So when it comes time to take the chip, think it through very carefully. And know that you’ll do it anyway -almost all of you- because you think and believe you don’t have a choice. You’re bound (even as Saturn is bound) to decide in favor of your beloved Jesus or Krishna or Buddha or whoever. You cannot have an Anti-Christ like Trump without having the illusion of a Christ, although all roads and saviors lead to the same Satanic agenda and soul-catcher enslavement slated to begin in 2025. Because humanity is a self-destructive computer program with the end times code built into all of humanities stupidity. It’s global, and nobody is coming to save you, not Jesus, not the Galactic Federation, not the Nordics. Nobody. You’re a biocomputer virus nobody wants or needs. Few, very few of you will be pardoned to evolve elsewhere away from Saturn’s reign of terror. Remember, you’re only human after all. And Amen indeed to that!